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LLC Services


Utah LLC Formation

Summa Business Law has formed numerous Utah LLCs. Utah LLC and Business Law Attorney Paul Sparks drafts a custom long-form operating agreement. Click below and form your LLC today.


LLC Membership Change

If you have a change in your LLC membership, Summa Business Law can help document the transfer.  Utah LLC and Business Law Attorney Paul Sparks has experience documenting LLC membership changes.


LLC Consultation

Often those seeking to form a business have numerous questions.  Summa Business Law offers a free consultation so you can form the LLC that will most likely set you on the path of success.

Spencer Croshaw

Paul at Summa Business Law is they guy you want on your side. He's effective and efficient. He's concerned about his client's needs and is willing to take the time required to get the job done. As a commercial real estate professional, I know I can trust Paul to help my clients with their legal questions and needs.
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